The links below lead to essays, reviews, radio-talks and introductions. The pieces gathered under the rubric “On Writing” relate to the practise of writing, and my experience of it in particular. “On Writers” discusses particular authors. The (very different) pieces relating to Sarajevo were originally linked by a report written for NEWS magazine in Vienna but this (and another ten years later) was only published in German. A version appeared in “Esquire”. Most of the pieces here have been published before but some have appeared obscurely or in languages other than english. The piece on burning libraries has only appeared in Swedish, for example, commissioned in 1997 by the Göteborgs-Posten newspaper. Others have appeared several times. The Words on the Page and the Noise in my Head was first given as a talk at a music festival in Aarhus (the only time I have received cries of ‘Encore’) and published four times subsequently but it seemed foolish to omit it for that reason.