First post, first reading….

Welcome to my first blog-post. In these posts I hope to document what I’m reading and writing and – given that it’s taken me twelve years to complete my latest novel – communicate a little more frequently with my readers. I’ve written elsewhere on this site about the writer-reader relationship. There’s also an archive section and a list of FAQ’s. What you can’t do here is buy my books. This site isn’t intended as a marketplace but as a  forum where anyone interested in my work can find out a little more about how it was created.

Tonight – in about seven hours’ time – I’ll be giving my first public reading in twelve years with Esther Freud and Andrea Stuart. Esther I’ve known since we were both picked for Granta’s Best of Young British Novelists back in 1993 and, appropriately enough, it’s under Granta’s aegis that we’re reading tonight. So now I’m looking through a scene in “John Saturnall’s Feast” and wondering how to squeeze something that takes twelve minutes to read into six….